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Fabricator : Job Tracker

Job Tracker

Save time!

It's a difficult and challenging business. The Job Tracker is the tool to help Fabricators organize their countertops projects without delays, overbooking or errors.

& Activities

Generate Jobs/Events automatically after a Quote becomes an Invoice


Use this for various tasks such as:

  • • Collect sink at client's house.
  • • Take measures.
  • • Clarify installation location.
  • • Repair
  • • Follow up


Add all the steps. From fabrication
to installation, and make sure your
team is quickly and consistently

/ Jobs

Get the best of your team

Your employees can use their cell phone to access the tasks they need to complete.

Preview - Job Tracker

  • • Use filters to have a clear visibility over the status of each countertop project, and check different stages, e.g., schedule visit, fabrication, installation...
  • • Create filters for different parts of the process.
  • • Filter by "FABRICATION" and see how many slabs are being fabricated or ready to be installed.
  • • Switch between different display modes such as Day, Week or Month to get organized and improve your workflow.

Use the Template filter to find out how many template visits you have scheduled. Get organized with addresses and save time.


Use the Installation filter to find out how many installations you need to do and include a description of what needs to be done, such as removing the old countertop, installing cabinets, etc.


Use the Fabrication filter to track how many slabs you have in production. Meeting deadlines is very important for customers.

Add Filter

You can add more filters parameters to refine your search according to the workflow, for example to keep track of employee’s days off.

Installation Day

No need to switch to different Apps to find information.
Keep all the info in SlabWare

  • • Customer Address.
  • • Installation Team.
  • • Installation Notes.

Find all job details on the card. Increase efficiency, reduce communication challenges, and get clear visibility


Add all documents
needed for the job.
More organization.

Access Calendar from anywhere!

Find out what is the next task at any time.

SlabWare APP

Use JobTracker through our SlabWare Fabricator APP,
with easy access to all the information you need.

Get customer’s digital signature and WELL DONE!

The customer can sign online with the Digital Signature feature.
Attach the signed document to quotes and invoices and also share by email.

Fabricator : Job Tracker