SlabWare’s New App

The best software to manage your slab inventory just got better! SlabWare is launching a brand new mobile app to make your life easier!

With the SlabWare app you can manage your slab inventory and all the information you need to run your business completely online. You and your team have access to your inventory anywhere with an internet connection, 24 hours a day!

QR Code Reading

Use our QR Code reader to easily find the bundle in your system, check the status of an individual slab, or find out which job they are allocated to.

By using the QR Code reader you can also do your Inventory Check and verify if your online inventory is synced with your warehouse.

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Inventory Management

Find every piece of information you need to manage your inventory.

Verify your slabs availability, price and everything to assist you on your sales.

Keep track of all of your slabs and remnant pieces photos and details, along with their assigned locations and jobs.

You can then manage them - hold, allocate, or sell. All this by using your phone or tablet!

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App for the Stone Industry

With SlabWare you don’t need to stay at your warehouse! You can work from home or anywhere else you choose. The ability to manage and organize business data with only a few touches saves you time and gives your employees access to the data they need.

With your inventory in their hand, your sales team won’t need to take clients into the office or warehouse to see materials. All information about every material, bundle, and slab will be on your phone.