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As security is a Google ranking factor, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate makes your website more secure to your clients through cryptography. SSL not only makes your website authentic and reliable but also helps you to improve your positioning in search engines.

SSL allows you to have a secure website, helping to avoid phishing, so your clients can browse through it. This cybercrime happens when hackers send emails to clients from a company copying the company's communication and info. There are two types of attack: hackers can include a link to an email that will take you to their own websites (trying to mimick the official company's website) or they can use the company's website to copy all the data from a transaction (where the hacker is following all the info from the communication). SSL can protect your company from these attacks.

Many web users already know the importance of SSL even not knowing the meaning of 'SSL'. When you use this resource, it shows clearly to a client that the website is authentic and secure.

You can identify if the website has SSL in two ways: your domain will have an extra 's' at the beginning, turning 'http' to 'https'. Besides that, it is possible to identify by the padlock sign and the green color on the left corner of the address bar. These aspects give privacy for the browsing data of those who visit your website, promoting trust and strengthening ties with your audience.

You might be wondering: how does SSL works?

All this security is thanks to the cryptography, an old technique used to codify messages through a process that involves two keys (one open and one private) to code and decode the data. Each pair of keys has a specific cryptography and the information encrypted into the open key is accessible only to those who have the corresponding private key, and vice-versa.

To get your SSL certificate go to SSL in Settings and click to request yours. An email will be sent to you when your certificate is ready.

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